Mozilla Starter Guide

Thursday January 23rd, 2003

Scott writes: "I wrote up a little Mozilla Starter Guide to help people who are transitioning from other browsers to Mozilla. Rather than 'here's a browser, go work with it,' I've tried to highlight some features that make Mozilla stand out as the best browser."

#24 Minimum Font Size!

by mlippert <>

Tuesday January 28th, 2003 9:26 AM

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That's a great starter page. I just want to add the 1 other feature of Mozilla that I have found that convinces several people to switch from IE, namely that you can set a minimum font size.

Yes this can break a pixel layout of a page, but I've found people aren't into pretty, they want to be able to read the information on the page!

I switched my step-father to use Mozilla, and he wanted that minimum font size to be pretty big, way bigger than I was comfortable with, but he absolutely loved it!

Web designers really need to get a clue from this. Users need to be able to change the font size and the page should still look reasonable when they do. Using text in images and tables with cut images and absolute font sizes (be they specified in pixels or points) is not a good way to design a page.