Five Years Ago: Netscape Announces Intention to Release Source Code

Wednesday January 22nd, 2003

On this day in 1998, Netscape Communications Corporation announced that it was planning to release the Netscape Communicator 5.0 source code to the public. Heralding the move as "bold" and "aggressive", Netscape described how it intended to "create a special Web site service where all interested parties can download the source code, post their enhancements, take part in newsgroup discussions, and obtain and share Communicator-related information with others in the Internet community." You'll know this site as

#39 Re: Admins do have this control

by CerthasIM

Friday January 24th, 2003 5:14 AM

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All kind of sizes. The 800 pupils Gymnasium (upper branch, 5th to 13th grade) I went to, had a teacher who dedicated himself to the task, and that is the usual setup around here. It's not ideal at all and definately would need improvement. Mymother is a teacher at a Hauptschule (lower branch 5th to 9th grade) of 350 pupils and handles the daily buissness with the computers, completely self taught though, and the courses they send the teachers on can be called rudimentary at best.