Chimera Not Dead Either

Tuesday January 21st, 2003

Yesterday, Chimera lead Mike Pinkerton posted a weblog entry in which he said that he was considering ceasing Chimera development. This lead to a Mac media frenzy, with stories at MacSlash and Slashdot. In a new blog post today, Pink has clarified the situation: Chimera is still alive. Mike, who would like to point out that he is not the only developer, was just having a bad day and the project will continue on its quest to make a browser that sucks less.

#2 Actually, it makes perfect sense

by DeepFreeze3

Tuesday January 21st, 2003 4:20 PM

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Why wouldn't there be an overaction? Steve Jobs rips off from the Mozilla community, put the stuff he got into Safari, then starts lying about how much faster it is compared to any Gecko-based release out there. We could care less about this guy wanting to go with an Apple OS-specific browser solution for Apple computers. Whoopie!! Hell, he could claim it was the best thing for the Apple computer since holes in Swiss cheese were invented. Talking smack, making up bogus claims, charts & information and posting them on their web site as "fact," though, is another story. If that guy doesn't have anything good to say about Mozilla, then he should keep his damn mouth shut.