Chimera Not Dead Either

Tuesday January 21st, 2003

Yesterday, Chimera lead Mike Pinkerton posted a weblog entry in which he said that he was considering ceasing Chimera development. This lead to a Mac media frenzy, with stories at MacSlash and Slashdot. In a new blog post today, Pink has clarified the situation: Chimera is still alive. Mike, who would like to point out that he is not the only developer, was just having a bad day and the project will continue on its quest to make a browser that sucks less.

#1 more good news

by morg

Tuesday January 21st, 2003 2:07 PM

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This is more good news.

I think there has been a slight overreaction in the Mozilla community to Apple's decision to not go with Gecko. The point is this: we don't need Apple's stamp of approval to know that we already have the best web browser. We don't need them to improve on what we've already done.

The KHTML product is good for what it is, but we have a big lead in the important areas, like rendering. Yes, when we look in the mirror, we could be doing better in terms of stability, performance, and footprint. Even as AOL-TW's support has, for the time being at least, been reduced, improvements to Mozilla in the necessary areas remain very much achievable.

The Mozilla 1.3 beta series is looking very good in the preview nightlies. A number of ticky-tack bugs and a few serious ones still have to be fixed, but it's clear to me that 1.3 is on track to be a tremendous release, the best Mozilla yet by a good measure.

Products like Chimera and Phoenix will also continue to see improvements to their already solid foundations, even as they are technically in beta. I continue to be very optimistic about the whole Mozilla project. Things are definitely still moving in the right direction.