Trunk Freezes for 1.3 Beta Tonight

Tuesday January 21st, 2003

The main development tree will freeze for Mozilla 1.3 Beta tonight at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time. The freeze will remain in effect until 1.3 final is branched. During this time, only checkins that have been approved by will be allowed to land. The ideal release date for 1.3 Beta is Friday 24th January. Watch tinderbox for the latest tree status and consult the Roadmap for further information about the release schedule.

#26 My Wishlist for the Near Future:

by peterlairo <>

Thursday January 23rd, 2003 7:14 AM

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bug 32157 <> [RFE] Title tips (tooltips) for cropped text (probably the biggest UI *blooper* in mozilla) bug 91662 <> Long strings in mail header cause scroll bars and attachment window to disappear, making message unviewable. (very visible bug - second biggest mozilla blooper) Bug 16489 <> Password Protection of Profiles (much asked for by regular folk'. Has patch!) Bug 62429 <> Replying with the "start my reply above the quoted text" pref on should prepend the signature above the quote text. (top) (Frequent corporate standard. Bearable if bug 141531 is fixed too) Bug 73567 <> Ability to select from multiple signatures (global / per account?) (<> has a decent patch for this) Bug 155882 <> Tasks (ToDo) need an Alarm (just like Events) (I actually use Tasks MUCH more than Events) Bug 177279 <> Alarms don't fire under certain (very common) conditions (what good is a calendar if the alarms aren't reliable?) Bug 180029 <> Running junk mail controls manually should respect preferences (This would consummate an already AWESOME feature)