Trunk Freezes for 1.3 Beta Tonight

Tuesday January 21st, 2003

The main development tree will freeze for Mozilla 1.3 Beta tonight at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time. The freeze will remain in effect until 1.3 final is branched. During this time, only checkins that have been approved by will be allowed to land. The ideal release date for 1.3 Beta is Friday 24th January. Watch tinderbox for the latest tree status and consult the Roadmap for further information about the release schedule.

#16 Re: enough features, long bugfixing period necessa

by jsebrech

Wednesday January 22nd, 2003 3:53 AM

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That's tough, but personal experience. I use mozilla 1.2.1 in both win2k and debian and I NEVER have it crash on me, unlike IE which has its odd moments of instability. Again, personal experience. I wonder what kind of configuration you run that makes mozilla so crashy for you.

Personally, I miss a decent UI. Every single mozilla theme sucks. Modern doesn't fit in with anything and takes up too much screen real-estate, classic has really ugly icons (to the point of getting on my nerves), and they all share the trait of having too many menu's and a way too complicated preferences dialog (although I believe that last bit isn't part of the theme). Plus, all themes except for modern and classic lack polish (no offense to the theme writers, it's just a LOT of work creating a full theme). And when am I going to be able to split a tab into a new window, or change the order of tabs on the tab bar by dragging them around? Too bad phoenix is just a browser, or I'd use that (it's not ideal, but it's better). But I need the whole she-bang. So, I'd rather see more work going into the UI.

But then that's selfish isn't it ;)