Reports of Phoenix's Death Greatly Exaggerated

Monday January 20th, 2003

Recently, there has been speculation that Phoenix has died. Not so. In a message to the Phoenix General forum, developer Pierre "pch" Chanial has announced that Phoenix is still alive. While pch won't be able to work on Phoenix for at least a month, Mozilla veterans Dean Tessman, Peter "jag" Annema and Jan Varga have all been given CVS access. A 0.6 release is under development.

#7 On being professional

by mesostinky

Tuesday January 21st, 2003 9:51 AM

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We all know that Phoenix is a volunteer effort. That's what has made the work so impressive. The fact that people who have other lives are willing ot donate their time to work on something for free is an amazing thing. I think we all are amazed at what Phoenix has become and truly thank those who made it what it is. That said just because your doing something for free doesn't mean you don't have to be responsible or professional. I find the way the people involved just "walked away" very unprofessional. In real life I have volunteered for things like charity work and let me tell you, when I was ready to take a break or stop I just didn't stop showing up. I let the people I was helping know what my plans were. Instead the big Phoenix players just stopped working and stopping communicating. That was uncalled for and really the worst thing they could have done. They should have simply let everyone know that they were a)taking a long break or b) no longer have time. Just letting Phoenix hang in limbo without critical patches and not communicating their situations was the worst thing they could have done. Here's to hoping the new devs have an open communication policy.