Reports of Phoenix's Death Greatly Exaggerated

Monday January 20th, 2003

Recently, there has been speculation that Phoenix has died. Not so. In a message to the Phoenix General forum, developer Pierre "pch" Chanial has announced that Phoenix is still alive. While pch won't be able to work on Phoenix for at least a month, Mozilla veterans Dean Tessman, Peter "jag" Annema and Jan Varga have all been given CVS access. A 0.6 release is under development.

#22 Re: Makes no sense

by SubtleRebel <>

Friday January 24th, 2003 1:41 PM

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pbreit : "Dozens of browsers?? ROTFL! "

pbreit, read again what I said in my post: "...despite the fact that there are dozens of other browsers already available for those platforms..."

Nowhere did I say anything about there being dozens of Gecko based browsers; when I said dozens of browsers, I was talking about all of the browsers available for those platforms.

pbreit : "There's *one* on Windows!! Three on Mac. And who knows on *nix."

I have no idea what you are talking about. How can you claim that there is only one browser for Windows? Off the top of my head I can easily think of 5 Gecko based browsers for Windows: the Mozilla browser, Netscape, Phoenix, Beonex, and K-Meleon. There may or may not be others, I do not know, but it is certainly rather ignorant to say that there is only one. Especially when you turn around and state that there are 4 signifigant flavors of Mozilla on Windows.

pbreit : "The XUL thing may work for *nix, but Mac and Windows require native widgets and no bloat."

You really have no sense of logic do you? If your claim that XUL does not work for anything other than *nix were were a legitimate reason to not develop Phoenix for OS X then would it not also be a reason not to develop Phoenix for Windows? That is kind of a moot question though since your claim that Mac and Windows require native widgets is wrong anyway.

Also if Mac users require "no bloat" as you say, then Phoenix would fit the bill. Phoenix does not have bloat.