Reports of Phoenix's Death Greatly Exaggerated

Monday January 20th, 2003

Recently, there has been speculation that Phoenix has died. Not so. In a message to the Phoenix General forum, developer Pierre "pch" Chanial has announced that Phoenix is still alive. While pch won't be able to work on Phoenix for at least a month, Mozilla veterans Dean Tessman, Peter "jag" Annema and Jan Varga have all been given CVS access. A 0.6 release is under development.

#18 Phoenix add-ons

by SubtleRebel <>

Thursday January 23rd, 2003 2:34 PM

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Phoenix add-ons are not bloat; in fact one of the primary reasons that they were created was to avoid bloat. The type of add-ons that I was talking about can be found at <> . Perhaps I should have said "extensions" instead of "add-ons" but whatever you call them, my poing is the same These extensions are optional features that can be added on if you want them (thus the name). If you happen to install one and later decide you do not want it, then you can uninstall it.

Chimera does not have that functionality. No Mac browser has that functionality. AFAIK, Phoenix is the only browser on any platform that has that functionality.

I like Chimera, but it does not eliminate a Mac user's need for the kind of functionality provided by Phoenix.