Rolling Out Mozilla Across an Organization

Monday January 20th, 2003

alanjstr writes: "Slashdot discussed how to roll out Mozilla across an organization: 'If you were going to deploy a "branded" version of Mozilla, company-wide, how would you do it, especially if you had to worry about a mixed OS environment?'"

#7 Re: I submitted the question to Slashdot...

by asa <>

Monday January 20th, 2003 5:09 PM

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"It would be nice if would open-source the CCK to the public so that we can all work on implementing these very important features."

What do you mean? CCK is already a project <> and <…odule=MozillaTinderboxAll> and has been since the beginning. So where have "the public" been and why are they not already working "on implementing these very important features"? You can pull and build the mozilla CCK by checking out the module mozilla/cck. export cvsroot=:pserver:<>/:cvsroot then cvs co mozilla/cck.