Rolling Out Mozilla Across an Organization

Monday January 20th, 2003

alanjstr writes: "Slashdot discussed how to roll out Mozilla across an organization: 'If you were going to deploy a "branded" version of Mozilla, company-wide, how would you do it, especially if you had to worry about a mixed OS environment?'"

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by rwc

Monday January 20th, 2003 2:25 PM

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I did this for about 300 win9x/2000 machines (no other OSes, sorry) last September, after Mozilla 1.1 came out. The process is a little hairy, and I haven't gotten around to upgrading them to Mozilla 1.2.1 yet, though I should. It involved reverse-engineering the installer a little bit, but not recompiling it. Some very basic changes were made to Mozilla's UI, such as removing some items from the Preferences UI and right-click context menus, and some defaults were changed in all.js (proxies, cookies, cache, etc.) and localstore.rdf (sidebar, toolbar buttons, etc.) The installer was made "hands-free" (not silent), and incorperated these new defaults into the Mozilla profile it created. I'll be able to produce some documentation when I return to work Tuesday.