Automatic Image Resizing Checked In

Sunday January 19th, 2003

David Illsley writes: "Yesterday saw the checkin of automatic image resizing (bug 73322) to the Mozilla trunk. When turned on (it's disabled by default) it shrinks any image that is bigger than the window to make the whole image visible. When this is done, the cursor over the image changes to tell you that if you click, the image is restored to full size. You get the best of both worlds! This currently doesn't have a prefs UI in Phoenix but if you put the appropriate pref in you user.js file, it works just fine. This is one of the few features in IE that I have seen and liked and it's great that Moz now has it too. Thanks guys."

To enable this feature in Mozilla, go to Edit > Preferences > Appearance and check the 'Enable automatic image resizing' box. If you're using Phoenix, add the following line to your prefs.js or user.js file:

user_pref("browser.enable_automatic_image_resizing", true);

Phoenix Help has more information about editing Phoenix configuration files.

#37 Password Manager in MozillaZine

by peterlairo <>

Monday January 20th, 2003 7:39 AM

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Yes, I find this annoying as well. I've solved it by disabling autofill of PW for this site. You will also need to delete all entries for this site under Tools |PW manager | Manage stored PWs.

TIP. Create one dummy post without title, but with UN and PW. Then allow PW manager to save only that.

PS. I wonder why Mozila saves the "Title" of the post (which is stupid), in addition to the Login and PW. :-\

PPS. It would be much better if mozillaZine prefilled the title of replies with the title of the replied-to post. :-P