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Thursday January 16th, 2003

In a newsgroup posting, Myk Melez announced the availability of tinderstatus, a new browser extension that allows you to quickly see the current status of the SeaMonkey tree. The extension should be particularly useful for sheriffs (those assigned to watch over the tree), hackers who check in a lot of code and people who like pretty icons in their status bar.

You can install the extension in Mozilla, Phoenix and Netscape. Note that the current version does not include an uninstaller.

#3 Uninstalling of extensions?

by ezh <>

Saturday January 18th, 2003 3:16 PM

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Is there a way in Mozilla to uninstall an installed extention? I remember there was a bug about it, but I believe it's not acceptible for not being able to uninstall packages such a tinderstatus...