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Thursday January 16th, 2003

In a newsgroup posting, Myk Melez announced the availability of tinderstatus, a new browser extension that allows you to quickly see the current status of the SeaMonkey tree. The extension should be particularly useful for sheriffs (those assigned to watch over the tree), hackers who check in a lot of code and people who like pretty icons in their status bar.

You can install the extension in Mozilla, Phoenix and Netscape. Note that the current version does not include an uninstaller.

#12 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Uninstalling of extensions?

by Sander

Sunday January 19th, 2003 3:58 PM

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>> "Point me to one place where someone ported a Phoenix change over to Mozilla and it was rejected by a reviewer or Module Owner employed by Netscape." << "1. Customizeble toolbar 2. Form filler a-la IE"

*blinks* Did I miss newly created bugs for these features? The ones I'm following haven't had any patches attached from someone porting over the Phoenix code. The fact that no one is working _for_ it doesn't mean people are working _against_ it - it just means that developers have different priorities. Much as I'd like to see some things like this ported over from Phoenix, _someone_ will still have to do the work. If someone did, the code would be accepted. (And if not, then you could poke Asa on it.)

"tons of the splash screens, tons of votes, but no one cares to solve this most voted bug"

That's right. *no one* cares. Not Netscape developers (why should they? Netscape doesn't have the problem), and not a single person from the community. (Not counting end-users - talking non Netscape developers.) The guidelines for getting a new splash screen are clearly lined out in the bug; any developer who felt this bug important enough to waste time on it could get it fixed. However (probably due to the large level of useless comments and invalid splash screens in the bug), no one is doing that. Is Netscape responsible for non-Netscape developers spending their time on more important issues?

"They were not mine, but from a programmer, we agreed that I make his work on mozilla more intresting with some paiments by me. I cannot say here what were sayd to him. If he want's he say it itself. "

I don't think anyone cares about what was said. Bug number with the patch please.