Junk Mail Controls Can Now Automatically Move Spam

Wednesday January 15th, 2003

Peter Lairo writes: "Another major milestone advancement for Mozilla: automatic move of junk mail! Woohoo!" The fixing of bug 181394 enables the 'Move incoming messages determined to be junk mail to' checkbox in the Junk Mail Controls dialogue. Messages are not yet moved if Junk Mail Controls are manually run.

#15 study on corporate spam

by mbokil

Thursday January 16th, 2003 4:08 PM

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Here's the article I read on spam in the corporate setting. not being that significant <http://www.linuxsecurity.…privacy_article-6336.html>

Don't get me wrong I am not trying to badmouth the Mozilla junk mail features. I use the junk mail features in 1.3b now but I don't get very much junk sent directly to my mail box since most of it get filtered out by spam filters I already have on the mail server. In other words spam filters applied on the client side of a corporate email system are not that significant. Filters on the mail server side are more important in your first line of defense against spam.

I think were spam is becoming a problem is the larger html layout ads sent out to consumers which is waisting resources at the router level for ISP's and sucking up bandwidth in general which could be better used for research or ecommerce activities by consumers.