SashXB Application Environment Makes Use of Mozilla Components

Wednesday January 15th, 2003

DeeDee writes: "SashXB for Linux is a 'from the ground up' rewrite of Sash targeted at the Linux desktop. It uses Mozilla's HTML layout engine, JavaScript interpreter, and Component Model. Sash also uses many components from the GNOME project."

#1 Cross-platform Sash-XB much more interesting

by cmessenger

Friday January 17th, 2003 12:37 PM

Sash-XB looks to be a very useful platform, for a Linux-only target. Likewise, Sash looks good for a Win32-only target. However, neither is particularly compelling, due to the fact that they are limited to single platforms.

Porting Sash-XB to all the platforms supported by Mozilla seems like a natural development, and would make Sash-XB a very interesting platform.