CNET Opines on Apple's Choice of KHTML

Tuesday January 14th, 2003

CNET has an article about Apple's choice of KHTML over Gecko for its Safari browser. Featuring a variety of quotes from many high profile figures, the article goes as far as to call the decision a "snub" — a claim that Apple's spokesperson refuses to corroborate.

Update! Mike Shaver isn't too happy about being quoted out of context and Chris Blizzard also has some choice words about the article. MozillaZine founder Chris Nelson isn't quite so subtle. There's also a discussion at Slashdot.

#89 Sad = Steve Jobs

by DeepFreeze3

Friday January 17th, 2003 2:28 AM

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Who has to disparage Opera? With it's cluttered interface, poor support of open standards and it's butt ugly appearance, it does a great job of doing that all by itself (Paying $39 for something that doesn't work? Not a great idea!!) And, actually, we could care less about what Steve Jobs does. If he wants to create a browser for the Apple computer, and claim that it's the best thing that's ever been invented for it, we could care less. Don't expect us to look the other way, though, when he starts shooting his mouth & lies about how much better Safari is compared to Mozilla. Holding bogus demostrations? Posting false information on Apple's web site? Coming up with false charts claiming to "prove" what he's saying? Pathetic wouldn't even begin do describe it. Lame would be a better description. If it's anybody who's sad, it's Steve Jobs & those disgruntled ex-Netscape employees who're behind this so-called "great" project called Safari. Far from being "open source," it's nothing more than an attempt to force Apple computer users to use his stuff. Won't work (Talk to Microsoft. They know ALL about it).