CNET Opines on Apple's Choice of KHTML

Tuesday January 14th, 2003

CNET has an article about Apple's choice of KHTML over Gecko for its Safari browser. Featuring a variety of quotes from many high profile figures, the article goes as far as to call the decision a "snub" — a claim that Apple's spokesperson refuses to corroborate.

Update! Mike Shaver isn't too happy about being quoted out of context and Chris Blizzard also has some choice words about the article. MozillaZine founder Chris Nelson isn't quite so subtle. There's also a discussion at Slashdot.

#81 Re: It's been fun watching some of you react...

by asa <>

Thursday January 16th, 2003 10:07 AM

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"Your reaction is even more moronic when you consider the fact that KHTML is standards based and even more open sourced than Mozilla. (MPL isn't compatible with the GPL -- LGPL is.) "

Actually most of Mozilla is tri-licensed MPL/GPL/LGPL which means that you can use it under the terms of any of those three licenses giving consumers even more choice about how they use the code than any of the three licenses alone. You're clearly not well enough informed to comment on these issues and doing so both confuses others and discredits you.