CNET Opines on Apple's Choice of KHTML

Tuesday January 14th, 2003

CNET has an article about Apple's choice of KHTML over Gecko for its Safari browser. Featuring a variety of quotes from many high profile figures, the article goes as far as to call the decision a "snub" — a claim that Apple's spokesperson refuses to corroborate.

Update! Mike Shaver isn't too happy about being quoted out of context and Chris Blizzard also has some choice words about the article. MozillaZine founder Chris Nelson isn't quite so subtle. There's also a discussion at Slashdot.

#53 Yellow journalism in America

by jvlb

Wednesday January 15th, 2003 8:32 AM

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In the late 1800's the term "yellow journalism" was coined to describe the lurid and sensationalist reporting in the competing New York newspapers of tycoons Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst. The stain of yellow journalism has since ingrained itself into the very fabric of American news reporting. Mr. Festa is simply one of a host of modern-day exponents of this fetid corruption.

The yellow journalism in Hearst's publications is often pointed to as a major instigator of the Spanish-American War. Let us hope the dust-up over Safari/KHTML/Mozilla doesn't reach such proportions. Put simply, YJ is a fact of life; deal with it, then milk it.

Nothing will get more people interested in trying different browsers than a big media blitz on the "controversy". People won't know they need standards unless they're given a reason. Imagine the impact of the headline, "Stone-cold Steve Austin battles the Rock over CSS2-compliance in Linux-compatible browsers." Just milk it. That's what Festa's doing, so do it better.