CNET Opines on Apple's Choice of KHTML

Tuesday January 14th, 2003

CNET has an article about Apple's choice of KHTML over Gecko for its Safari browser. Featuring a variety of quotes from many high profile figures, the article goes as far as to call the decision a "snub" — a claim that Apple's spokesperson refuses to corroborate.

Update! Mike Shaver isn't too happy about being quoted out of context and Chris Blizzard also has some choice words about the article. MozillaZine founder Chris Nelson isn't quite so subtle. There's also a discussion at Slashdot.

#29 Witness Chimera, eh?

by Kovu <>

Tuesday January 14th, 2003 6:09 PM

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Chimera is based on Gecko, which is cross-platform. KHTML is not. If it becomes so, it will get much bigger code-wise, period, and it will then suffer the same setbacks that Gecko does.

Quicktime and iPod are exceptions that don't make sense with Apple's "Mac OS only" stance. This is only proof that Apple is all over the place strategy-wise. They make Quicktime XP and iPod, but none of the other "i" services? Sorry, I see this as a strategy that doesn't make sense, especially if they want people to use their services; that is, the 90+ percent of people who DON'T use Mac hardware. Proprietary hardware hasn't worked for Apple, nor did it work for Commodore. They were within inches of bankruptcy until Microsoft partnered with them for the sole reason that they wanted to show there was some shred of competition during their antitrust trial.

I just don't think anything Apple does makes sense. They're squandering their position as #2 in the OS market, and I'll bet they'll lose it soon as a result. Just MHO.