CNET Opines on Apple's Choice of KHTML

Tuesday January 14th, 2003

CNET has an article about Apple's choice of KHTML over Gecko for its Safari browser. Featuring a variety of quotes from many high profile figures, the article goes as far as to call the decision a "snub" — a claim that Apple's spokesperson refuses to corroborate.

Update! Mike Shaver isn't too happy about being quoted out of context and Chris Blizzard also has some choice words about the article. MozillaZine founder Chris Nelson isn't quite so subtle. There's also a discussion at Slashdot.

#24 Paul Festa is a REAL piece of work!! :-(

by DeepFreeze3

Tuesday January 14th, 2003 5:43 PM

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I loved what this guy wrote about that phoney baloney article. This Paul Festa is a piece of work. Isn't this the same guy the poo-pooed Netscape 7's release? I couldn't believe that so-called "objective" article when I read it for the first time. Chis is right. This guy is nothing more than a miserable, sniveling sycophantic, one-sided, biased half-wit who is anti-Mozilla, and doesn't have the balls to admit it.

If anybody wants to write to this weasel & tell him what you think of his one-sided, biased ways, here's his e-mail address: