MozillaZine Spin-Off?

Wednesday December 16th, 1998

ZDNet posted an interesting article concerning Netscape's relation to and the possibility of Netscape making Mozilla a non-profit organization.

The article states that it has been considered before, and could be a possibility in the future. The main reason behind spinning off Mozilla, would be legal protection if patented code was contributed, and was then sued. Being non-profit, would make no money, and be worth nothing, hence, nothing could be gained by suing them.

#5 Spin-Off?

by JD WaySide, KSC <>

Friday December 18th, 1998 10:11 AM

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More ZD|FUD. What a load of baloney.

They take half a quote, use it entirely out of context... And generate more hits for their site, usually from easily-excited Slashdot readers who click before they think. And who thereby (perhaps unwittingly) help spread the FUD even furthur and help finance more of the same, to boot.