MozillaZine Spin-Off?

Wednesday December 16th, 1998

ZDNet posted an interesting article concerning Netscape's relation to and the possibility of Netscape making Mozilla a non-profit organization.

The article states that it has been considered before, and could be a possibility in the future. The main reason behind spinning off Mozilla, would be legal protection if patented code was contributed, and was then sued. Being non-profit, would make no money, and be worth nothing, hence, nothing could be gained by suing them.

#1 Spin-Off?

by Dan Veditz <>

Thursday December 17th, 1998 3:53 PM

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Does that even make sense as a reason to spin off Mozilla? If Netscape 5.0 is built on a Mozilla that contains patented code Netscape will get sued anyway--they're the deep-pockets.

Netscape has to take reasonable care to keep tainted code out of its browser either way, and it's easier to keep it out of the codebase than to try to strip it out as part of the build process or as a custom "Modification".