Updated Mac OS X Browser Comparison

Friday January 10th, 2003

Henri Sivonen writes: "With all this Safari hype going on, MozillaZine readers might be interested in how Chimera (and Mozilla) compare with it feature-wise. I've updated my Mac OS X browser comparison to cover the current OS X GUI browsers (excluding the experimental Phoenix and Beonex builds and wKiosk)."

#5 don't forget...

by macpeep

Saturday January 11th, 2003 2:44 AM

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..that one of the primus motors of Chimera, Phoenix, ex-Netscape developer, inventor of XBL Dave Hyatt is now working for Apple and is on the Safari team. Underestimating Safari (or any other browser for that matter) is pretty surely a mistake. Instead of trying to deflate the Safari hype, it might be more useful to try to understand why Apple chose to do what they did, instead of deciding to build this on top of Gecko.