Updated Mac OS X Browser Comparison

Friday January 10th, 2003

Henri Sivonen writes: "With all this Safari hype going on, MozillaZine readers might be interested in how Chimera (and Mozilla) compare with it feature-wise. I've updated my Mac OS X browser comparison to cover the current OS X GUI browsers (excluding the experimental Phoenix and Beonex builds and wKiosk)."

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by mbokil

Sunday January 12th, 2003 9:44 PM

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Apple did a smart move by using KHTML over Gecko. There are numerous reasons why it was the right design move for them.

I personally would never buy another macintosh after having switched to Linux. Once you get past the Apple branding hype you realize that it is just a nice looking overpriced machine and if you have a tight wallet going real open source, i.e. not proproprietary Aqua, is the way to go for price and performance with admittedly slightly higher complexity.