Updated Mac OS X Browser Comparison

Friday January 10th, 2003

Henri Sivonen writes: "With all this Safari hype going on, MozillaZine readers might be interested in how Chimera (and Mozilla) compare with it feature-wise. I've updated my Mac OS X browser comparison to cover the current OS X GUI browsers (excluding the experimental Phoenix and Beonex builds and wKiosk)."

#22 Re: Apple are idiots

by marmoset

Saturday January 11th, 2003 9:00 PM

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A year ago (when this project was started), Wired and other outlets were running stories with headlines like "Why is browsing the web on that shiny new iMac so slow?" IE on the Mac was slow, and wasn't being updated. Chimera didn't exist. Omniweb was pretty, but slow and mangled modern websites. Seamonkey proper simply isn't a Mac application. They *had* to do something. For this they are "idiots?" Back under your bridge.