Updated Mac OS X Browser Comparison

Friday January 10th, 2003

Henri Sivonen writes: "With all this Safari hype going on, MozillaZine readers might be interested in how Chimera (and Mozilla) compare with it feature-wise. I've updated my Mac OS X browser comparison to cover the current OS X GUI browsers (excluding the experimental Phoenix and Beonex builds and wKiosk)."

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by mozineAdmin

Saturday January 11th, 2003 8:12 AM

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I did no laughing, nor did I ridicule their choice or the capabilities of Safari. I simply pointed out that 1) Apple is not know for making wise business decisions, and 2) Apple likes to control practically every aspect of their systems (something that should be astoundingly clear to everyone), and 3) making this into a "bad omen" issue for Mozilla is as wrong-headed as the absurd counter-argument that I gave.

I could supply other possible reasons for their use of Konqueror. For example, is the buglist of mozilla too accessible to casual perusal? Apple is, after all, competing with Microsoft - it wouldn't do to have all of your bugs out in public view for Microsoft to point to. I don't think Apple is using Bugzilla (or another publicly-open alternative), is it?

Also, I assume that they made their decision before Chimera appeared on the scene. Would that have altered their decision in any way?

All of this is speculation, and it ends up detracting from the good work that the Mozilla engineers continue to do. And I'm sure they've known about the existence of Safari for a lot longer than you or I.