Updated Mac OS X Browser Comparison

Friday January 10th, 2003

Henri Sivonen writes: "With all this Safari hype going on, MozillaZine readers might be interested in how Chimera (and Mozilla) compare with it feature-wise. I've updated my Mac OS X browser comparison to cover the current OS X GUI browsers (excluding the experimental Phoenix and Beonex builds and wKiosk)."

#10 Re: Re: don't forget...

by macpeep

Saturday January 11th, 2003 7:51 AM

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" Do you think that Apple's decision might have something to do with Netscape and AOL? Apple does like to control things, you know. Could it be that that had something to do with it? Oh no, of course not. "

Dude, no need to go on the offensive. I didn't give any reasons or speculate. I merely pointed out that it might be more useful to try to figure out why they went with another choice than Gecko, even if Gecko would seem more rational. It's quite possible, likely even, that the fact that Apple wants to have absolutely full control of the browser is a big reason. Why do they have more control of Konqueror than Mozilla though? Is Konqueror's source tree more open for their improvements? Is the license better?

All I was doing was pointing out that it might be a good idea to try to figure it out rather than just laugh at them and ridicule their choice and the capabilities of Safari. Judging from your response, however, you disagree.