Full Article Attached Classic Mac OS Build Likely to be Retired and Removed from Tree

Thursday January 9th, 2003

We've previously reported that the Classic Mac OS build of Mozilla is transitioning to port status but now it looks like the build could be removed from the tree altogether. In a posting to netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey, Asa Dotzler has announced that no maintainer for the Mac Classic port has been found. If nobody steps forward by next Wednesday, the Classic Mac OS build will be removed from CVS.

In related news, is also moving the Mac OS X nightly and milestone builds from FizzillaCFM to FizzillaMach. This change will reap several performance benefits and will also make the builds easier to maintain. It is hoped that this transition will be complete in time for the release of Mozilla 1.3.

#13 One Button Mice suck

by Ark42

Friday January 10th, 2003 9:38 AM

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There is no excuse for such a crappy idea. wtf is it w/ holding the button down longer to get other functionality instead of right clicking - that is a waste of time to have to hold the button for 1-2 seconds. I like instant results, keyboard shortcuts, etc. Sure you got the cloverleaf command deally, but its no different from control or alt-clicking things. Also, why the hell is the menu bar always at the top of the screen on Macs? That is so annoying, why make a user move their mouse further away from the app they are working with to access the menu instead of attaching the menu to the application? Sure maybe this is moot if the app is maximized, but its not always going to be. Third, the UI just sucks, its as dumb looking as WinXP - it looks like its only fit for little kids who watch nickelodeon and like all the fluffy graphics.