Mozilla 1.0.2 Released

Wednesday January 8th, 2003 has released Mozilla 1.0.2, a stability and security follow-up to 1.0 and 1.0.1. The latest release from the stable 1.0 branch, Mozilla 1.0.2 is not a features release and is recommended only for consumers who have a good reason not to upgrade to the more recent Mozilla 1.2.1 or Mozilla 1.3 Alpha.

Mozilla 1.0.2 can be downloaded from's Stable Releases page or direct from the FTP server. More information can be found in the Mozilla 1.0.2 Release Notes.

#27 Re: Re: Does MZ ignore inconvenient news?

by D0ktorGiggle

Thursday January 9th, 2003 5:22 PM

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That's a fair explanation. I wasn't implying that Steve Case is calling the shots, only that ignoring bad news kind of makes it appear that way (which has always been a problem with this site.) And I still think this is mozilla-related since gecko was designed to be used for just this kind of project, and judging from the blogs and the forums on this site, this is very big and disappointing news for the mozilla community and developers, and not a good sign for future adaption by potential vendors. If I find an article on why prospective vendors are using Opera (for portable devices) and KHTML (for OS X) instead of gecko I'll send it in (unless it's from mozillaquest). In the meantime, I'll be watching to see if you post anymore articles announcing stuff like "Internet Explorer for UNIX Discontinued" :)