Mozilla 1.0.2 Released

Wednesday January 8th, 2003 has released Mozilla 1.0.2, a stability and security follow-up to 1.0 and 1.0.1. The latest release from the stable 1.0 branch, Mozilla 1.0.2 is not a features release and is recommended only for consumers who have a good reason not to upgrade to the more recent Mozilla 1.2.1 or Mozilla 1.3 Alpha.

Mozilla 1.0.2 can be downloaded from's Stable Releases page or direct from the FTP server. More information can be found in the Mozilla 1.0.2 Release Notes.

#12 Does MZ ignore inconvenient news?

by D0ktorGiggle

Wednesday January 8th, 2003 6:16 PM

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Is anyone else surprised that MZ didn't mention the that Apple's new browser is using an open source rendering engine? This has to be the biggest news item for open source web browsing community in quite a while, and it certainly deserves some mention. I realize it's not good news for gecko, but it is relevant, and it's good news for the open source community at large, but it makes MZ look like an AOL corporate organ to just pretend it didn't happen. And it does relate to Mozilla. Here's what Cnet had to say about it: "While Safari amounts to another chip on Apple's shoulder, it represents a significant setback for Mozilla, the open-source browser development group funded by AOL Time Warner's Netscape unit that supplies the technology behind the Netscape browser, among others... Netscape declined to comment on Apple's choice of KDE." Now I guess that the next version of the Omniweb OS X browser may use KHTML instead of Mozilla too. Ouch!!