Full Article Attached Calendar Soon to be Included in Default Mozilla Builds

Tuesday January 7th, 2003

Mike Potter has posted a message to netscape.public.mozilla.calendar about the integration of Calendar with Mozilla. It is generally felt that Calendar is ready to be included in the default Mozilla builds and work is progressing to make this a reality. You can install the latest version of Calendar (currently Windows and Linux only) from the Calendar project page.

#54 Re: GRE compared to JRE

by webgremlin <>

Thursday January 9th, 2003 8:20 AM

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>> installation is defined by the GRE (and not by the application in combination with the OS). The GRE should provide an environment from which the GRE based applications can be managed (removed, updated, authorisation, etc).

No, no, no. As useful as that would be, if we're talking about real applications and not just browser extensions, the cost is higher than the benefit. Having a special environment for launching/removing/updating/authorizing (*any* of these functions, much worse all of them) is forcing the user to know about what underlying technology runs their applications. The user does not care and should not have to. Java Web Start works as you suggest, and what it means is I have to start "Java Web Start" to use any one of four programs that are not related in any way that's important to a user.

Taking this organizational scheme to its logical extension would mean that on my W2K notebook I'd have seperate management environments for: -Programs based on Gecko -Programs based on Java -Programs using the common VB Runtime -Programs using the common MS C++ dlls -Programs created in Visual Pascal -Old 16-bit executables -etc.

But it is unacceptable that any user should have to know or care which backend technology their calendar (and every other program on their computer) uses. Presumably someone who downloads a calendar or a browser or an email client or an IDE wants to *use a calendar*, not manage a platform.

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P.S. - If there are any bugzilla feature requests about this, could someone point me to them?