Full Article Attached Calendar Soon to be Included in Default Mozilla Builds

Tuesday January 7th, 2003

Mike Potter has posted a message to netscape.public.mozilla.calendar about the integration of Calendar with Mozilla. It is generally felt that Calendar is ready to be included in the default Mozilla builds and work is progressing to make this a reality. You can install the latest version of Calendar (currently Windows and Linux only) from the Calendar project page.

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by asa <>

Wednesday January 8th, 2003 6:29 PM

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If we had put all our effort into "Gecko only" we wouldn't exist today. Do you remember before there was a Gecko? There was a full open source browser suite before there was Gecko. Then there was Gecko, no buttons, no features, just a rendering component, Gecko, not even part of the browser yet. Were you testing it then? Were you contributing patches then? I don't think you have enough history to make your claims. If, when Gecko came on the scene, all of the people not working on Gecko (and not capable or interested in working on Gecko) would have walked away leaving just Gecko developers the project would have died immediately.

We'd have thrown away all the development and testing that happened because Mozilla was more than "Gecko only". Mozilla attracted lots of testing (tens of thousands of people with Bugzilla accounts filing bugs, hundreds of thousands of people downloading milestone builds) because it provided people with a real product and not just "Gecko only" which would be completely unusable except by someone willing to embed it in a larger application. We got all this testing because we gave people features they wanted.

But more importantly, most of the developers working on this project are not now and have never been Gecko developers. The number of people that develop the core rendering component is small and will always be small because it's very complex. Not taking a contribution of a Mozilla-based Calendar client or any other not-"Gecko only" feature wouldn't have magically added to the number of Gecko developers. You simply don't understand how this project works, who works on what, and why.

You can feel free to disagree and you're free to armchair quarterback and say "if they had put all their energy into Gecko only, we'd all be a lot better off" but if you really think that the project would still exist if it was nothing more than Gecko, a rendering component, then you just don't know what your talking about. Not only would it not exist today if it was just Gecko, but it never would have existed in the first place.

Your comments sound to me like this: You were invited to a dinner party. Upon tasting the main course you tell the host that if only she had told other guests not to bring side dishes and deserts that the main course would have been much better. Not only does that not make sense, it's a bit rude.