Full Article Attached Calendar Soon to be Included in Default Mozilla Builds

Tuesday January 7th, 2003

Mike Potter has posted a message to netscape.public.mozilla.calendar about the integration of Calendar with Mozilla. It is generally felt that Calendar is ready to be included in the default Mozilla builds and work is progressing to make this a reality. You can install the latest version of Calendar (currently Windows and Linux only) from the Calendar project page.

#45 Re: Not trying to be.

by flacco

Wednesday January 8th, 2003 2:44 PM

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>>If Gecko 1.0 were released 2.5 years ago and was high performance, stable, standards-compliant and lean, I believe it is very likely it would have made it into the AOL Windows/Mac clients and onto MacOS by now.<<

This has fuck-all to do with the calendar project.

Listen closely: THE CALENDAR HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OTHER PART OF MOZILLA. OK? If there were never a calendar project, it would not make the slightest difference to the rest of Mozilla. The calendar project is a SEPARATE development effort by DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Alright?

So if you have some kind of seething resentment over the direction Mozilla has taken, fine, but stop implying that the calendar project has anything to do with it.