New Download Manager in Recent Chimera Nightlies

Saturday January 4th, 2003

The Mac Observer has an article about Chimera's new download manager, which is available in recent nightly builds. The report describes the operation of the download manager and includes a pretty screenshot. Mac OS X users can download the latest nightly to try the feature for themselves. The Chimera Project page has more general information about the browser, including installation instructions.

#8 Not "easily", but CTRL-A then "Remove from List"

by rkl

Sunday January 5th, 2003 10:44 AM

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I wouldn't say you can "easily" clear out your entire download list, but you the method you describe (scrolling down, shift-click) is bizarrely tortuous when surely CTRL-A (aka "select all") is a much easier short-cut.

I do agree that finished or cancelled downloads should be removed automatically from the Download Manager (and maybe give the end-user an option to do this in the prefs, with the default being on) when the user exits Mozilla. The "crud" that builds up in DM is pretty annoying.