Three New Bugzilla Releases

Thursday January 2nd, 2003

Today, the Bugzilla Team announced the availability of three new Bugzilla versions. First up is Bugzilla 2.16.2, which fixes a couple of security bugs in 2.16.1. All users of Bugzilla 2.16.x are strongly urged to upgrade. For more information, consult the Bugzilla 2.16.2 Release Notes.

The aforementioned security bugs also affect Bugzilla 2.14.4, so all 2.14.x users are advised to download the new Bugzilla 2.14.5, also released today. See the Bugzilla 2.14.5 Release Notes for more details. Note that the 2.14 branch has now been discontinued; all current users should be making plans to move to the 2.16 branch.

Finally, Bugzilla 2.17.3, a snapshot of the current development sources from CVS, has also been made available. This release is intended for developers and not recommended for use in production environments. Note that all development snapshots prior to 2.17.3 are vulnerable to the security bugs mentioned above.

All these releases can be obtained from the download page. For more information about the security bugs, see the Security Advisory. More general information about the progress of the Bugzilla project can be found in the latest Bugzilla Status Update, which also explains what happened to 2.17.2.