The Death and Resurrection of MozBin

Tuesday September 8th, 1998

Jason Kersey, proprietor of MozBin, a site devoted to Mozilla binaries, wrote in to say, "MozBin.....I think the time has come to close MozBin. We have had a great run, and with the binaries becoming so popular, our main goal has been accomplished, which was generating interest for Mozilla. We are glad to see that mozillaZine has had such great reception, and hope it continues!"

Things looked grim, but he soon fired back with this report: "Wait!!!!! that was posted in haste! We are under new management!!! (kind of) Our problems look to be solved! We were going to be kicked off our server and with nowhere to go things looked bleak, BUT, the problems are solved! hold your horses MOZBIN'S BACK (it was gone so long)"

We'll continue to keep you updated on the torrid life of MozBin, "Your Source for Compiled Source".