ExtremeTech Preview of Phoenix

Monday December 30th, 2002

ExtremeTech has a glowing preview of Phoenix. The article, which appears to be based on the 0.5 release, highlights Phoenix's small size and uncluttered interface. Tabbed browsing, multiple home pages and the search bar are discussed as well. They also included a screenshot of MozillaZine, which makes us like this review even more.

Thanks to the_village_treky for the news.

#8 Mozilla as THE development platform

by bandido

Tuesday December 31st, 2002 9:30 AM

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Mozilla guys have always said that Mozilla is the develoment platform from which technologies are developed and others grab to produce their own product. But Mozilla is so good that it can be used by end users. Let Mozilla keep developing the technologies and incorporate them into their suite. As many have reported, I see very little difference in performance between Mozilla and Phoenix (subejctive feeling). As computers become more powerful and with more standard memory, the peromance issue becomes a moot point (you get diminshing returns as you go up in the scale).

I am sure Mozilla will incorporate fixes and features from offshoots like Phoenix and others. Toolbar configurability is an example of one technology that can be ported back (codewise or ideawise) to Mozilla the same way that tabbed browsing was developed after Multizilla and Opera showed how neat the feature was.

Lots of people criticise so called bloat but as the Office suite wars of the early to mid nineties showed, "more" gets more attention than "less" because my 10% share of features I use is not the same 10% of the features others use, yet most users want to have something in common. What is "bloat" to some is "feature rich" to others,

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