ExtremeTech Preview of Phoenix

Monday December 30th, 2002

ExtremeTech has a glowing preview of Phoenix. The article, which appears to be based on the 0.5 release, highlights Phoenix's small size and uncluttered interface. Tabbed browsing, multiple home pages and the search bar are discussed as well. They also included a screenshot of MozillaZine, which makes us like this review even more.

Thanks to the_village_treky for the news.

#5 I partly agree ...

by johann_p

Tuesday December 31st, 2002 4:56 AM

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True, a better design under the hood of Mozilla would be good. I really do not buy that myth about performance: even though i have an old computer, I do not feel much of a difference between Mozilla and Phoenix. But a cleaner design will certainly help with maintainability and future extendability and that indeed is very important. Note that from a performance perspective, it is not very relevant whether or not mail is part of the main app or a distinct app. Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages, but the main issue gain is maintainability.

I will gladly use any browser that gives me the features of Mozilla (well, there is still a lot missing too) packed in a better UI combined with better performance and maintainabilty, but Phoenix is still quite far from even coming close to this.

And I really did not have the impression that the Phoenix developers even want this to happen: there are people who dont want the preferences UI to allow them to configure everything, who want only a short context menu to the expense of certain power features and so on. If Phoenix is the browser that makes those people happy, I am all for it - at least they will not try to get useful features out of Mozilla. But they should not bash Mozilla for keeping what many users desire.

So lets finally get all those nice features of tabbrowser, multizilla, mozgest, enigmail and other into the Mozilla trunk! :)