ExtremeTech Preview of Phoenix

Monday December 30th, 2002

ExtremeTech has a glowing preview of Phoenix. The article, which appears to be based on the 0.5 release, highlights Phoenix's small size and uncluttered interface. Tabbed browsing, multiple home pages and the search bar are discussed as well. They also included a screenshot of MozillaZine, which makes us like this review even more.

Thanks to the_village_treky for the news.

#23 The dirty truth of bloat

by jvlb

Tuesday December 31st, 2002 8:25 PM

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Bloat happens. Time is too valuable to spend it reworking code for efficiency; if it works you keep it, if you're Microsoft you keep it, regardless.

The biggest contribution to code bloat is object oriented programming languages. Objects carry baggage, lots of baggage. Still, who wants to code in assembler?

The Phoenix project appears to tackle the bloat problem by modularizing functionality. Install the components you need and run light, but realize that if you install all the features you will be back where you started (it's kind of like a diet, that way).