ExtremeTech Preview of Phoenix

Monday December 30th, 2002

ExtremeTech has a glowing preview of Phoenix. The article, which appears to be based on the 0.5 release, highlights Phoenix's small size and uncluttered interface. Tabbed browsing, multiple home pages and the search bar are discussed as well. They also included a screenshot of MozillaZine, which makes us like this review even more.

Thanks to the_village_treky for the news.

#13 Re: I partly agree ...

by Blake <>

Tuesday December 31st, 2002 1:06 PM

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Regardless of whether you discern a difference on your machine, there is indeed a vast performance difference; it is not a myth, as you say. There is nothing to "buy." It has been quantified time and again with the same performance tests used to measure Mozilla.

Second, please post the features that you think Phoenix is missing (from Mozilla) and we will gladly consider including them. People are constantly complaining about this, and then I say "well, ok: what features?" and then they choke and disappear. Many people don't seem to realize that Phoenix does contain most of Mozilla's features, either built-in or available via extensions, but the trimmed-down interface makes people think that Phoenix has almost nothing. It seems very psychological.

Third, this review, while kind to Phoenix, is absolute junk. The same author who praises Phoenix for its light interface and lack of bloat goes on to praise Opera in the article's discussion board...