Mac Builds Arrive!

Monday December 14th, 1998

New Mac builds are here! Head over to our fetchBuilds page to try out a Mac build of Gecko now! Win32 and Linux also have new builds today, so users on those platforms also have something to download.

Also, new tarballs have been put on the server for Linux/Unix/Win32 and for Macs. These are also available on our fetchBuilds page.

#6 What I want for the Mac build

by J. <>

Friday December 18th, 1998 2:16 PM

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The Mac version of Netscape is sooo crippled compared to the Windoze version.

Here's what I want most from mozilla, besides the obvious memory and efficiency retooling:

-ability to reload frames -a history file that follows all browser windows and doesn't get lost on restart -csh-style location field, where you begin typing and it 'remembers' the rest, if it's somewhere you've been before

These are things that ought to be in the Navigator standalone, but I can't get to work. I so despise that bloatware Communicator.