Mac Builds Arrive!

Monday December 14th, 1998

New Mac builds are here! Head over to our fetchBuilds page to try out a Mac build of Gecko now! Win32 and Linux also have new builds today, so users on those platforms also have something to download.

Also, new tarballs have been put on the server for Linux/Unix/Win32 and for Macs. These are also available on our fetchBuilds page.

#3 Crash on latest linux builds

by Stuart Ballard

Tuesday December 15th, 1998 8:59 AM

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I've had this same problem with every linux build I've downloaded, including the very latest snapshot (down to 7.5Mb, woohoo ;) ). I don't know whether to post this to bugzilla or whether it's a problem with what I'm doing to run it. I do:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/package export MOZILLA_HOME=~/package cd ~/package ./xpviewer

I get a LOAD of debug diagnostics, then a window that looks vaguely promising (is it supposed to have its own colormap?) and then a core dump.

The debug diagnostics look roughly like:

nsWidget::Resize(54, 40) - nsWindow 0xblahblahb no paint

after a load of those, I get the window appearing and the following text:

resize event handler: allocation->w=620 ... (other stuff) XP_GetString replacement needed

Then a ton more diagnostics which just look like hex numbers, then a message "Aborted (core dumped)".

Does this sound like a known problem with an easy fix (ie, I'm doing something wrong), or is it an unknown bug that I should file in Bugzilla?

I don't know where else to ask about this - I don't want to bother the people in the newsgroups unless it's a real problem.

Thanks, Stuart (sballard.netreach@net swap at and dot)