Full Article Attached Extra Two Weeks Added to 1.3 Beta Cycle

Friday December 27th, 2002

Asa Dotzler has posted an update to the Mozilla 1.3 Beta schedule to netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey. The target freeze date has been moved back two weeks to Tuesday 22nd January, shifting the ideal release date of Mozilla 1.3 to Thursday 21st February. See the updated Roadmap for more details.

#19 Re: sudden realizations

by asa <>

Sunday December 29th, 2002 2:00 PM

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"Yes, sudden realization... imo. this padding should have happened when the roadmap for this was first written, not a month or so ago (which is when the idea started being floated, as best I can recall)."

If this was solely because we expected the holiday period to be slower then maybe you'd be right. If that was the case then we would have included the padding in the original roadmap. But that's not the sole reason we're adding time.

And I did think about it this when we were drawing this roadmap up months ago and decided that there wasn't anything huge scheduled for 1.3 Alpha which meant that having a long and serious cleanup cycle for beta wasn't critical (given that the plan when the roadmap was layed out was that we wouldn't be taking lots of new work or features in a beta cycle).

The reason to extend beta was that a few people petitioned (in the last month or so) to get more into beta than was originally planned. This padding wasn't because we suddenly realized that there weren't going to be a lot of checkins on the last week of Dec and the first week of Jan. That was anticipated and has been each year for the three holiday seasons I've been involved with making milestones happen. The difference this time is that some people actually came and said they wanted to try to get more into beta than the roadmap made time for.

So, yes, there was some "sudden realization" in the last month or so but it wasn't that work would slow down around the holidays. I've been closely involved with shipping the last 27 milestones and I'm more than aware of the normal holiday slowdown. I'm not as new to this game as your post would seem to suggest. I knew about it and given what we knew about the planned work for this cycle, it just wasn't that critical to have a heavy checkin beta cycle. The "sudden realization" was more along the lines of drivers learning that a few contributors needed help getting some more work done in beta in order to meet their deadlines. Had those contributors known 6 months ago that this specific work was going to fall on the cycle that happened during the holidays then maybe we would have padded then but that's not what happened.