New Default Theme for Phoenix

Tuesday December 24th, 2002

Arvid Axelsson's Qute is now the default theme in Phoenix, replacing the previous Orbit-derived skin. The transition to the new theme is mostly complete but a few changes still need to be made. The new default theme isn't in the latest builds yet, but here's a screenshot of Qute in the most recent nightly to give you an idea of what it will look like. Follow the thread in the Phoenix Themes forum for more details.

Update! The latest Windows nightly now features the new default theme.

Another Update! The latest Linux builds now also feature Qute as the default theme.

#36 Re: Re: Bad Screenshot?

by ogiesen

Wednesday December 25th, 2002 2:35 AM

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Right. This looks A LOT better than the original screenshot! Who on earth (apart from visually handicapped people of course) would use these huge icons with text(!) in the real world?

I still like the old default better for its consistency. As someone else mentioned on this thread, this looks more like a collection of nice icons from different themes than a set of its own.

BTW: Will the old default continue to be included in the download or will I have to download it manually? I'm a really lazy person, you know... ;)