Judge Orders Microsoft to Include Sun Java in Windows

Monday December 23rd, 2002

US District Judge J Frederick Motz has issued a preliminary injunction forcing Microsoft to carry Sun Microsystem's Java Runtime Environment in its .NET-enabled products, such as Windows and Internet Explorer. In a three-day hearing, Sun successfully argued that Microsoft attempted to marginalise Java by shipping an incompatible version of the language with Windows. The order — which will remain in effect until Sun's private antitrust case against Microsoft is settled — is designed to prevent the market from tipping in favour of Microsoft's .NET technology in the near future. The judge fears that should this occur during the duration of the trial, Sun may never again be able to regain its current competitive position. Microsoft plans to appeal.

Slashdot has links to several articles about the decision. You may be interested to hear that Judge Motz is also presiding over Netscape's private antitrust suit against Microsoft.

#9 A good decision: Will it lead to a better one?

by DeepFreeze3

Tuesday December 24th, 2002 3:45 AM

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Java is an essential part of the World Wide Web, and I didn't like the idea of Microsoft forcing people to download Sun's software seperately. Even with a broadband connection, it took me 10 minutes to get the latest version of JVM. For dial-up users, I'd guess it'd be a hell of a lot longer than that.

Let's not forget why the legal system was needed here: Sun created Java, and Microsoft tried to rip it off, claim it as their own & pulverize Sun so that they could have the glory all to themselves, and any potential profits.