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Sunday December 22nd, 2002

David Hallowell writes: "Doug Turner has published a message to n.p.m.embedding about the Gecko Runtime Environment (GRE). The GRE will make life easier for people who want to embed Gecko as well as meaning apps like Phoenix, Mozilla and Thunderbird will be able to share common libraries, saving on disk space."

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by locka <>

Monday December 23rd, 2002 10:10 AM

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It's mainly to allow applications to build against a stable, known release of Gecko without requiring they go off and grab, build and bundle it for themselves. It also allows us to consider releasing an SDK of headers and libs which work against a particular GRE. It should be a very useful feature for embedders, especially those who don't want to subject their users to unecessary 5Mb downloads when they already have a GRE.