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Sunday December 22nd, 2002

David Hallowell writes: "Doug Turner has published a message to n.p.m.embedding about the Gecko Runtime Environment (GRE). The GRE will make life easier for people who want to embed Gecko as well as meaning apps like Phoenix, Mozilla and Thunderbird will be able to share common libraries, saving on disk space."

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by james

Sunday December 22nd, 2002 11:54 PM

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While disk space has increased at an incredible rate, memory size has increased at a slower rate. By using a single copy of the gecko libraries, each of the mozilla based apps you run can share the read-only data from those libraries (code, const strings, etc). If you only run mozilla, this probably doesn't seem like much of a win, but if you run multiple apps (eg. mozilla, phoenix, standalone moz mail, komodo, etc), it will make a difference. For the previously mentioned apps, you would see even more of a saving by using the XUL Runtime Environment (once it is ready).