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Sunday December 22nd, 2002

David Hallowell writes: "Doug Turner has published a message to n.p.m.embedding about the Gecko Runtime Environment (GRE). The GRE will make life easier for people who want to embed Gecko as well as meaning apps like Phoenix, Mozilla and Thunderbird will be able to share common libraries, saving on disk space."

#2 Re: Benefits of GRE?

by dave532

Sunday December 22nd, 2002 5:48 PM

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There will be support for haivng different versions of GRE on the system, so that applications that need a more recent version of GRE can install the later version.

The main benefit of this is that applications can use gecko but be a smaller total download... e.g. they could offer a smaller download for those that already have the GRE installed, or if they're using a net installer then it can detect whether a GRE is installed and if so reduce the total download size.

This will also mean if AOL do move to a gecko based solution there'll be a large number of machines that already will have the GRE installed on them, and this may encourage more people to use gecko rather than IE or at least make it an option