Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Jim Bray on Mozilla and Open Source

Thursday December 19th, 2002

Paul Blaauw writes: "The Canadian Broadcasting Corp's daily morning business synopsis, The Business Network, aired a piece this morning on open-source software. The 'columnist's' favourite browser is... you guessed it: Mozilla!" The radio segment, which mainly focuses on the popularity of open-source software among big companies, is available for listening online in RealAudio 5.0 format.

#6 I've heard that joke before...

by kirun

Thursday December 19th, 2002 5:41 PM

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"If only they could come up with a name for Open Source that doesn't make it sound like some kind of skin condition..?" <…a/audio/biznet/column.ram>

" BUT Lunix si free though because teh hippys who made it forgot to charge moneys because they were flyin high on goofball. and it was OPEN SORES" <http://www.somethingawful…effk/WHISTLARWINDOWS2010/>